His scent and my dreams.

Have you ever been in love with someone who doesn’t know you? A celebrity or a school senior? Or someone out of reach? Well, I’ve been. And the strange thing is even when you don’t think of that person, for days and weeks, they would come in your dreams out of nowhere. And it just brings a smile on your face in the morning, to realise that they’re still alive in your memories.


Whenever you catch that person’s glimpse, it is like breathing a wave of fresh air with smell of wet soil, a fresh feeling, an addictive one. And even though you’ve never met the person, you can feel their presence. I’ve experienced the purity of such love, I could feel his smile, the way he would have said anything, and even the smell of his cologne, sitting thousand miles away from him. By default, I knew exactly what he’d smell like, how his touch would feel and how the sound of his breath would be.

It is magical, dedication, it can bring you joy from the most unexpected places, and however stupid it may sound- When you truly love someone, selflessly, nature tries its best to make you feel the sanctity of it. But this feeling, stays till you stay away, strangely distances build stronger affections. Strangely, no-communication leads to better understanding. The thirst to see that person’s smile is so painful yet mesmerising, makes you do impossible things, a new you emerges- you go way ahead of what you thought you would to win that person’s heart or just to reach out to him.

But it is not easy to love, it comes with its own rules, the most important one being NOTHING IS CERTAIN. May be you move on from this love soon, may be later, maybe you meet your love and realise that it isn’t how you thought it’d be, but the feeling of loving with all your heart in the beginning will always be unexplainable. A strange smile on face, glittering eyes, associated songs, thinking of all those moments will always be a cherishing moment. When you’re giving up on a relationship, remember these moments, and if you still have these elements somewhere, this passion, stay. It is not easy to find someone who loves you passionately, and it is not easy to love passionately. Don’t be with someone you cannot love that way, you’ll miss the best part of it. It’s a life, make it count.

This post is dedicated to SHAHVEER JAFRY! To know more about him read-The irresistible guy: SHAHVEER JAFRY Stay tuned!


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