GURMEET REHAL: From a small town boy to a STAR!

“I was the only one In Punjabi medium school, who had knowledge about English tenses which I learned in 9th standard , yes it was like an achievement!” says Gurmeet Rehal, the rising Fear factor fame star.

Indian youth has always loved MTV’s series of the reality show- Splitsvilla, be it Joanna or Paras or Prince, there have been people who’ve left a mark on the audience remarkably. With Splitsvilla 9 coming to an end, comes the disappointment of not seeing your favorites on screen together anymore!

We bring to you an EXCLUSIVE interview with one of the most loved contestants of this season- The Hot Punjabi Munda: GURMEET REHAL! (Girls, hold your breath and read further to know more about your sizzling hot crush!)

How would you describe yourself in one line?

Guru:Captain America

When did you realize your talent?

Guru: The day I was born!! Actually, I am a gifted child… as I feel, haha how narcissist I am! During school only, I became aware of my different talents, not only was I good in studies, but also in the artistic field. I could draw, sing, act, and was a good all-rounder in cricket, and a footballer too. And I was the only one In Punjabi medium school, who had knowledge about English tenses which I learned in 9th standard , yes it was like an achievement, though everything was on a village scale, couldn’t excel in any because of lack of resources and guidance.

What did you want to be as a child?

Guru: As I hold I didn’t know what exactly I wanted to be. I would get influenced so easily, one day u would want to be a doctor, another day a lawyer (because I would argue a lot, and my parents would say sarcastically, be a lawyer, you would win any case), another day I would wish to be in Army. Though I was more serious about being a cricketer.

Who would you take on a date in Space and why? P.S. YOU CAN NAME ANYONE

Guru: Jenifer Lawrence, one can’t even give a reason to go on a date with her, She is a mermaid.

What do you do when not working?

Guru: I would surf my mobile , read books(rarely) , do workout and may sleep too because most of the time I am working only.

What is your fitness routine?

Guru: I usually worship my body, therefore it is on my priority list, I do Calisthenics, Capoeira, a bit of weight training.

On what do you spend the most and why: clothes, accessories, fitness products, underwear etc.?

Guru: I spend a lot on my own, be it clothes, underwear, food, though I don’t take fitness products, and not very fond of accessories, I am like a child when it comes to shop, if I like it I would buy it, regardless of price tag, however, I would go to those places, where can I actually afford to buy.

What do you have to say about rumors regarding Splitsvilla being biased towards you?

Guru: I think I am being loved a lot, that’s why lovely people are so much interested to know. Anyways I just mercilessly ignore such rumors. I have won almost every task, maintained my romantic connection so my friendship, I have won Fear Factor Khatron Ke Khiladi, where pressure was more, have been a finalist of Roadiesx2, now if I excel here, what problems people have? Other contestants got dumped twice even thrice, but they came back. These lovely People don’t notice. Because they love me more, make me feel like a family member, where one is criticized too. I am sure nobody would like to lose the task and everyone got an equal opportunity to perform. But it is good to have haters in a family.

What are your next projects going to be?

Guru: I have been into Theatre for 2 years in Delhi, hence getting ready to get into Bollywood, looking forward to finite series on TV, couple of project with MTV. And DD channel, Getting lot of calls for work, but I am being a bit selective here. I strongly and religiously want to host fear factor with Colors Channel.

Where do you see yourself in next 5 years?

Guru: Giving interviews and promoting my film, getting better as an actor with few selective films under my belt, hosting traveling and adventures shows. Making my parents travel the world.

A message for your fans, especially Punjabi youth!

Guru: Be stubborn, Fuck Fear just do it. Be a resource for your family, society, and country, rather being a burden. Shop productively for Life. Love unconditionally, stay fit.

Punjabi Veero ! I want my Punjab back, what we always read in the books, don’t leave your parents, but Leave drugs. Be innocent. Punjabio you are the heart of our country, don’t ruin it. Please! Listen to your soul. Rabbraakha!

Wouldn’t he be too hot if he was a cricketer? He’s a very generous person, and getting in touch with him was a great experience- THANK YOU GURMEET.

That’s all for this time folks, we hope you liked it.

If you want us to interview your favorite celeb mention it in the comments down below! And don’t forget to like this post and share it.


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