Love in the waiting room.

I stumble upon words everytime I have to describe my hollowness, maybe because I know you are going through the exact same thing and not telling anyone about it and since you aren’t cribbing about it I feel embarrassed to say it. You understand, the feeling when the whole class is punished and yet you’re the only one crying and feeling bad and everyone tells you that you are stupid to be upset!

Have we gone too far, our generation? Have we made everything about convenience? How many times have you heard people say’It was all about time, love fades away’ or ‘I just cannot stand our fights now, and I’m not going to try and solve it’. We give up on relationships, like our phones give up on 2g. We want everything to be fast, paced up relationships, paced up break ups, and then break up sex! WTF are we doing!!!

This stressed life, starting with whatsapp ending with instagram is taking this gen nowhere and if for sometime you run out of internet you realise no one calls you, misses you, except if you have a plan or a hook up is waiting for you.

Where are the short sweet ‘I miss you, call me soon’s?’ Where are the long whole night conversations? Whom do you tell how you screwed up on your bestfriend’s bday? Whom do you trust so much to tell that you stole from your Dad’s wallet for that school get together? Who can you punch when you feel low? Who comes to your window at 2 a.m. with chocolate ice cream, just to say I love you? No one. Love, is only found in movie scripts now.

I found love but, in Shakespeare’s words, in the morning dew that gives my chills, in the cat that rolls up on my feet with love, in the street dogs that jump on me as soon as I reach home, in the starlight that speaks to me when everyone’s busy dancing, I found love but this love doesn’t comfort my tantrums, it just calms me, it says I love you in different ways. The stars told me on a twilight, that I’ll find a human too, who’d love me with all his heart and laugh on my jealousy issues and take all my tantrums just like Moon does for them. They told me why only once in a month we see the full moon, because other days it is busy collecting gifts to make them happy on that one night.

They say, he’ll come soon. I need to wait.


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