Meet your new classmate!

Any clue what my title says? Yeah, I guess so.

So, now that I have started with a new post on every Thursday and Sunday, I thought of writing a chapter from my life, and well the backstory is that I had a terrible life before grade 7, filled with insecurities and boredom, so let’s start with the first day of grade 7, new school, no friends and an amazing life ahead.
I couldn’t sleep that day,  how could I? It was a new beginning, finally, I would be at a place where my life would be a clean slate, I could be anyone I wanted to be. So I woke up at 6 a.m. sharp, dressed up and boarded the only mode of transport available from my home to the best school in my town’s vicinity, MATADOR, an old one with three long seats parallel to each other so that the driver could fit in at least 40 kids in it. And well, coming to the driver, the most entertaining part of my school life, he would play songs in the matador and ask the kids how his new floral shirt looked.

I came from a strictly disciplined convent school, no one hummed songs aloud there, let alone playing a stereo in the bus. All my life, I was taught to be disciplined, walk with my arms at my back, take permission to have water, converse in English, braids made with oil soaked hair, wear skirts below the knees and tie up till throat. But this school was nothing of this sorts.

I reached the school at almost 8 a.m. and de-boarded. I stepped in, expecting some kids playing on the field, some studying in their classes, and nothing much, but it was nothing as I expected it to be! Kids were playing, on the swings and not on the field; I noticed that there was a tennis room beside the reception, some senior boys were sitting with their feet on the seat and butts on the backrest, I moved forward and took the stairs which lead me near the girl’s washroom- I was in a state of extreme surprise, girls my age were making high ponies and applying makeup! Where I came from, girls weren’t supposed to apply Kohl, let alone colored chapsticks and stylish ponies. Someone from my Matador bumped into me and realized I couldn’t find my classroom, so she walked me to my classroom and asked me to let her know if anything bugged me.

To my surprise, I was the first person to be there, people started coming in one by one. I wanted to make friends, but it was my first day at a new school and it was the first time that I changed my school, so I sat there waiting, for someone else to initiate. Also, I was noticing everyone in the class, no one was wearing a tie, girls made high ponies, guys were busy playing pen fight, a group of two girls and a guy were sitting on the teacher’s table, laughing and fighting. I already felt better, this felt much like a movie.

A girl told me it was time for assembly, I would’ve missed the ring I thought! Maybe I didn’t! You’ll know this Thursday.




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