Cold coffee. 

I need the warmth of coffee, but you’re frappuccino! Continue reading Cold coffee. 


First Crush, and Gossips.

Recap: Hannah Montana, Seniors and Canteen. With time I adjusted in the environment of the school and started enjoying my life there. Within a few months, I became good friends with some seniors who used to travel in my school bus. There was this whole group of senior high school girls, they laughed at their own jokes, made fun of their male classmates, mimicked teachers and … Continue reading First Crush, and Gossips.

Hannah Montana, Seniors and Canteen.

It took me a while to adjust in the cool-teenager environment that was quite prevalent in this school, unlike my old school where kids were still busy with shinchan and basketball, these peeps were more into High School Musical, Hannah Montana and Dodgeball! I used to observe my classmates as if I was an alien, girls had those cool haircuts that were called ‘Step cut’, at … Continue reading Hannah Montana, Seniors and Canteen.

Connecting the dots

Humans have been making life complex for generations, but that doesn’t mean that you are supposed to bind yourself within concrete walls of the best offices and run a marathon in disguise of a short race. To whom it may concern, You might not be going through the best phase of your life, and success wouldn’t be your bae right now but you’ll get through … Continue reading Connecting the dots