Typical Sunday mood.

Typical Sundays, when you look back lazily to days that made you feel low. Or maybe made you rise. Continue reading Typical Sunday mood.



A person lost,a memory lived. A friend lost,a lesson learned. A bad deed,betrayal welcomed A good deed,respect earned. One word “hope” keeps everyone going One feeling “fear” makes us pray. One myth “GOD” keeps a check on actions One reality “AGE” turns hair grey. In the name of God we worship a body The body that saves us from our fear. Humans made religion. Humans … Continue reading ONE MYTH- God

His scent and my dreams.

Have you ever been in love with someone who doesn’t know you? A celebrity or a school senior? Or someone out of reach? Well, I’ve been. And the strange thing is even when you don’t think of that person, for days and weeks, they would come in your dreams out of nowhere. And it just brings a smile on your face in the morning, to realise that they’re still alive in your memories.

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LOVE- Be Brave.

I always have been the sort of person who’d be afraid of even hurting someone else let alone hurting myself. I have been in a problem for past few days and so I couldn’t write but now that I’m writing, I want you to know that you can get through anything if I got through this phase. I know it is hard to handle situations when none is under your control, but what you can always do is speak the truth and not be afraid of death. Death should be the only thing you fear, if you don’t fear death there’s only one thing for you to fear- LOVE. Love of siblings, friends, love of town, love of family- love ruins it all. But love saves you the dillemma of choosing between death and a problematic life. Love is what makes you suffer horrible things just to make sure you live for it. Love will be your weakness, but then love is your strength. Continue reading “LOVE- Be Brave.”