Typical Sunday mood.

Typical Sundays, when you look back lazily to days that made you feel low. Or maybe made you rise. Continue reading Typical Sunday mood.


Confidence and YOU

Hello Readers, I know it’s been long since I last wrote and so this time I am writing for you people (compensation for being late). I’ve met many people who tell me that they are not happy with their life and in fact HATE themselves, probably due to an unstable love life, unfulfilled dreams, lack of attention and love. But the major issue that I believe ‘stops you from loving yourself’ is lack of SELF-CONFIDENCE. Trust me, until you don’t love yourself, no one else will bother to love you. People like to stay around people who have positive aura. Let us not confuse self-confidence with over-confidence, Self-Confidence is about trusting yourself, your abilities and your power to take decisions . After all who doesn’t want to be the ‘Most looked after friend’, so take a deep breath and read on to know the basics of loving yourself! Continue reading “Confidence and YOU”

When I feel like crying

I am a very happy-go-lucky person and I know it’s hard for people who know me to believe that I cry without big reasons. For the last one week I’ve been feeling like crying out loud, the world looks still and I feel like a complete misfit with the people I live with. My theories of living are completely different from normal people or I should say I feel I am a very normal being and all other people are abnormal. Just the way I am to them, may be. Continue reading “When I feel like crying”

Five words North Indians use in daily life that South Indians don’t.

Years back South Indians and North Indians lived totally opposite life but with time our way of living has more or less become same. (may be due to high number of migrations) Now North Indians eat Idli and South Indians dance on “Angreji beat”.
Situations are changing but what has not much changed is “language”. Hindi of South Indians and North Indians is not the same. Continue reading “Five words North Indians use in daily life that South Indians don’t.”

Five things only an Indian student experiences!!

From the day a child is born he is assumed to be a doctor or engineer in an Indian family. Education system is completely different from foreign education systems and so the school life becomes an adventurous experience for Indian students.
Here is the list of five things that only an Indian student experiences. Continue reading “Five things only an Indian student experiences!!”